Steele Belok, MD 
Cambridge  Primary  Care  Physician

  Adult Primary Care at Mt. Auburn Hospital  
Medical Office Building
Mt. Auburn Hospital
300 Mt. Auburn St.
Suite 412
Cambridge, MA  02138
Phone:  617.661.9744

Fax:  617.661.9121      

Dr.Steele Belok and his team are committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to adults of all ages.  Having treated patients with a broad range of medical conditions for over 25 years, we encourage an active, ongoing dialogue between patient and health care provider.  Our goal is to offer each of our patients individualized, requisite care. 

Dr. Belok has always advocated the maintenance of good health through vigilant, preventative care, stress management, encouraging a healthy diet and lifestyle, and regular checkups.  Should one of our patients become ill, a member of our team is readily accessible to begin working towards a timely, expedient treatment, prescribing medications and diagnostic procedures only when necessary. 

The Belok team practices at Mt. Auburn Hospital, a teaching facility of the Harvard Medical School.  Our patients have access to the most up-to-date standards of care and, when necessary, to a wide variety of highly qualified specialists. 

Steele Belok, MD is welcoming new patients to his adult primary care practice.